British Shorthair Cats facts and personality

Pets There are a lot of cat breeds to choose from as a pet. The number of them is actually slightly lower than those of dogs. British Shorthair cats are (as their name indicates) a pretty famous cat breed with short fur. These cats are also called British Blue and their head is round and cute. This breed dominates cat shows and it is the most demanded breed by the elite of cat lovers. Their fur is short and often called as crisp, which is also how the coat breaks over the contours of the cat’s body. Their eyes are big and almost round. They are also considered one of the strongest cat breeds, since their body has by nature strong and big muscles, which are covered by their hair. These cats come in a wide variety of fur colours and don’t have a main pattern of colours. However, slightly more frequent are copper and cream coloured hair. Personality Generally they are more relaxed and less aggressive than other cat breeds. They tend to be preferred among family members, due to their high level of tolerance and low aggression. They like to lay around the house and take it easy, so they usually have to be intensely provoked to attack or scratch someone. More often than not, their personality consists of good traits like affection, compassion and social adeptness. They love bonding and being pet by their owners. Giving them affection is a great gift. They rarely “meow” and it is rare for them to disturb you during sleeping hours. You might not know it, but there are trainers for cats too and this breed is one of their favorite to train, because apart from their physical appearance, they are also pretty sharp and intelligent. This means that their owners might also be able to train them with the right guidance and information. One more positive element is that when their owner leaves the house, these cat rarely damage the couch or anything else in the house. They will usually lay around and relax till their master comes. They are great for apartments and for people who work during the day, because they can easily sustain themselves and can hold a day or so away from their beloved owner. They prefer sitting in a very close proximity with their owners, but not on them. They usually avoid that. Their grooming requirements are kept to a bare minimum, due to their short hair. Unfortunately British Shorthairs are more prone to infections than other breeds and their average lifespan is around 12 years. You will have to pay attention on your cat’s weight and his diet. British Shorthair like any other animal shouldn’t become obese or overweight, as this is an invitation for more diseases and higher vulnerability. You should also groom extensively your cat during the shedding periods. Kittens for Sale Online British Shorthair kittens for sale






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